Garry's Mod Publishing Utility

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Garry's Mod Publishing Utility

Create, Update, and Extract .gma files AND Workshop Addons for Garry's Mod

  • This is a development tool for Garry's Mod servers, you must have advanced knowledge of Garry's Mod to use this tool.
  • This tool manages your Steam Workshop uploads for Garry's Mod.
  • The main purpose of this tool is to add a GUI (graphical user interface) to what are normally command-line programs and to automatically save your last used settings for each addon after using the tool.
  • For further information on managing Steam Workshop uploads for Garry's Mod, see the official Garry's Mod wiki page at Workshop Addon Creation.
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It works flawlessly, and is much better than any other program or using Command Prompt.
I have used this addon on many of my workshop content! Overall 9/10 hopefully they update it soon...