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❤️ Romance Hornet x vod mesaa~ Nsfw


Hornet sits on a couch watching tv while his husband Vod mesa is playing half-life 1 "i need a drink" says Vod mesa then hornet comes in with a drink and bends over to put it on the desk and his big juicy peach ass gets exposed to vod mesa making him horny and hard "damn hornet your so fucking juicy" he tells him as hornet blushed and kisses him "baby can i fuck you~" vod mesa asked "of course cuties" hornest says as e takes his clothes off and vod mesa gets his dick out and putting it in hornet then starts to thrust on him instantly "AHH BABY ALREADY ROUGH WITH ME" he screams in pleasure to vod mesa's cock "i cant help it baby your so fucking tight heh" and he thrusts his cock in him further cumming into his ass "FUCK oh god ahh" says hornet and vod mesa together then they cuddle and kiss and fall asleep
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❤️ Romance Why i am gay.


Why I am gay
I love boys, There meat slapping on my face when they are fucking me, I love being slammed in the ass hard by boys. I love having cum in my mouth, Its so warm I love feeling the pounding when I’m giving them a blowjob. I love everything about boys, There touch and smell. I need gay sex, Pornhub is for the weak. I need boys, My in game name is Roomba, I would love to suck up the cum jucies coming out of there dicks I need sex… Please give me sex, I love boys as there meat claps into my neck. I love the taste of cum and I L O V E dicks, The salty taste of pee on them. I want to be able to rape boys and have male sex slaves. Boys are my love and life, I need them to live and I need to be able to lick them after death. There ripped ass bodys are so cute, There faces when there pounding into me... I cannot stop thinking about boys and I love the touch of there hands, I constantly say "Harder!" And they will always go. I love cumming while other boys are pounding...

❤️ Romance Fanfiction of Will x Glox x Anderson Part 1


Anderson walks into the house after coming back from work "Kitty~ where are you" Then kitty came running and then pats his legs for ups "aww Kitty come here" picks her up and cuddles her then Will comes down and kisses Anderson " Hey baby~ welcome back" then comes Alex kissing both and kisses the Kitty's head "Hey cuties~" and then we start to kiss and touch each other and Alex gets undressed and gently smacks his meat on Anderson and Will's face and Anderson starts to suck on it slowly "fuck...so soft..~~" Alex thrusts his cock in Anderson's mouth "You like that huh hehe good boy" Anderson nods and sucks more "oh fuck im gonna cum!" says Alex and he begins to shoot all his cum into his mouth and pant "thanks sweetie~" then will bends me over and puts his cock into my ass and then thrusts into me faster and harder then in 3 minutes later he cums inside of me "fuck!!!" Alex screamed with pleasure then Anderson started to lick me out and eat my ass making me blush hard and...
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🌌 Sci-Fi Dr. Connor's Autistic Black Mesa Story


since I don't know what happens <yet > when the player is found by officer dan, sequences goes as so: dan Don't give up on me no-doc < officer gets an hev compliant Defibulator and connects it to the Hev med port> <PLAYER> at this point the player is going in to shock, have the vitals signs be like flatline 2 partial flatline and another 4 or 5 beeps since in the ending the suit say "H.E.V. Critical failure failure: idea have the suit be malfunctioning like the Hev zombie sounds or make your own, the suit is temp damaged and so repair kit is needed and MK IV user Mantaince manual, even after the suit fixed it still is not fully functional HUD will at times be spazzing out, and or Completely off the as on the Hev suit container control panel you see Endoskeletal Movement system >aka lets you be quick boi and move easier, have it go offline at points making the player with out ability to move to evade and defend themself and cant realy...
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❤️ Romance 3

The three of you land from different worlds but soon realize you have an unbreakable feeling to love each other. The same goals. The same outlook. Though you have some differences, this does not decide your fate. You are unbreakable.

To be continued...

Citizens Online

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Your art has been un-deleted because the deletion was for no good reason, and you are reminded to post your new art when you are ready to release it!
I'm currently on hiatus from the internet due to personal issues. I'll still try to be somewhat active in this community but probably in very short bursts. Also my PC is getting worse and ill need to replace it soon
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how do i make a signature?
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Music, as one of the main Fascist spreader of the server, beating Kykio and other spreaders of communism, I vibe to Index of /hosted/audio/nazi all hail the Voided Suits Empire
P.S. Panzerlied is one of my favorites https://thepublic.community/hosted/audio/nazi/panzerlied.mp3 for its paroles it says Panzerlied - Wikipedia