💬 Discussion Promotion?

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June 23, 2018
Princeton, Minnesota
I REALLY don't want to sound like some whining 3 year old complaining about not having it nice enough, but I can't really do much at this rank. I usually mention, I like to help people on the server have a good time here, so they come back for more. This is what I usually am doing when i'm on the server (which is pretty often). Whenever I'm on this server, I usually go to the staff job immediately. I enjoy helping people and I get some pretty funny cases sometimes. I like being able to do this, and I have been since the beginning of this 2019. Haven't been promoted, haven't been acknowledged for any of my work, I've just kinda been doing it. I see this is a paragraph of text now so I'll stop here, but remember that this is a DISCUSSION. I'm hoping for a promotion, but it isn't necessary. Thanks for letting me become a member of this community, and for letting me pursue helping build this community into a great place for people.

Not open for further replies.