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All of the following rules are generalized, any attempt to bend or break the rules will be met with punishment when necessary.

General Rules

1) Be respectful to everyone outside of roleplay interaction.
2) Any attempt at avoiding punishment will not be tolerated.
3) Spamming chat or voice chat will result in being immediately muted or gagged.
4) Staff members have the final say on all rule interpretations.
5) Use common sense. If it doesn't seem like a good idea, it's probably not.
6) Do not circumvent the AFK detection using binds, commands, or macros to farm hours.
7) Racism is acceptable! We're not special snowflakes!!!
8) Attempts to crash the server will result in a permanent ban.
9) Do not scam players.
10) Don't minge and fail RP.
13) Do not use any bugs or glitches.
14) Do not break NLR (The New Life Rule), you must wait 3 minutes before coming back to the place you just died.
15) No revenge murder; killing someone purely for the reason they killed you will count as rdm.
16) You may not come back to a raid after you have died in said raid

PAC rules
1) Do not abuse PAC 3 (Making yourself invisible.)
2) If your pac is lagging other users, you must stop using your pac immediately.
3) Do not use loud sounds in PAC 3.
4) Do not make your PAC 3 gigantic or extremely small.

Building Rules
1) No prop blocking, that means a player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick, or a combination of both.
2) All keypads must be clearly visible next to the door they open and shouldn't require any jumping or crouching to use. Bases cannot force players to do any sort of jumping, crouching, or other tricks to enter. Players should be able to walk freely without obstructions.
3) Base layouts should be clear and concise. Bases should be realistic. Any abnormally large bases or bases that restrict access to public parts of the map will be removed without warning. (Ex. No tight hallways, no mazes)
4) No use of the ‘world-glow’ effect on props or any other use of a one way prop as a means to shoot another player without them being to return fire via line-of-sight.
5) Foot shot bases and Headshot bases are not allowed. Raiders need to be able to shoot back at you if you are able to shoot at them.
6) Public buildings must not block anything or be on the street. Entities or props may not be placed on top of rooftops inaccessible by either stairs or doorways that are natural to the map.
7) No excessively long hallways.
8) No-collide abuse is forbidden. Players may not use no collided props in order to hide within, or to fire at other players while defending against incoming raiders.
9) You CANNOT have a base inside someone else's base without consent.
Houses/bases Must have KOS Sign around them as well for visible for the players (no tiny font), around them. Intruders must be warned and have a chance to leave/and or explain themselves before firing.

Props & Entities
1) Prop or entity spamming, climbing, surfing, killing, blocking, bridging, pushing, or trapping is not allowed.
2) Do not spawn props or entities in bases that you do not have permission to do so.

Raiding rules
1) Raiding jobs are Chara, Flowey, Asriel, Temmie, Marine, Dante.
2) Red can raid if their target is in a base.
3) You must wait 10 minutes in between raiding
4) Raids must be told using /advert.
5) After a raid, you must immediately leave the area of the raid.
6) You may not come back to a raid after you have died in said raid.

Mugging rules
1) Mugging jobs are Muffet, Chara, Flowey, Temmie.
2) You cannot exceed $50000 in a mug.
3) You must grant victims 10 seconds to oblige unless they clearly show they are attempting to escape which if so, you may kill them.
4) Mugs must be told using /advert.

Random Death Match (RDM)
1) Do not RDM.
2) Players harming your life or property may be killed without warning.
3) The ONLY jobs that have right to RDM are, Flowey, Asriel and Chara, BUT they can only RDM once per 5 mins
4) You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked.
Hits can only be taken by Marine, Dante, Flowey, and Chara.
5) Hits can be completed without a warning.
6) Any other cases of killing require a written 10-second warning with clear instructions given to the victim through chat.
7) Targeting a single player repeatedly (3 times or more) will be considered Harassment

RP Job Rules

Royal Guard
1) Royal Guard jobs are: Undyne, Lesser Dog, Greater Dog, Red.
2) Royal Guard acts as can police in dark RP, protects people from RDMing, taking action against stealing, mugging and raiding.
3) If someone is breaking the rules, the Royal guard may arrest the rulebreakers.
4) If someone is resisting arrest, royal guards have the right to kill them without any warning.
5) Royal Guards can not abuse the arrest baton.
6) If a Royal Guard arrested someone on accident, they MUST unarrest them within 60 seconds.
7) Royal Guard can also serve as Bodyguards.
8) Royal Guards are not allowed to own a base except Undyne and Red
Undyne is considered Captain of the Royal Guard. All other Royal Guards must report to them.
9) Royal Guards must wait at least 1 minute before attempting to arrest a player after dying
10)Red can be considered Captain if Undyne is not around.
11) Royal Guards Must Warrant players before they may raid.
12) Royal Guards are not allowed to commit any crimes, Including stealing.
1) You are not allowed to play any pornography sounds, videos on the radio.
2) No ear rape (very loud) sounds, videos or music on the radio.
3) No videos or music promoting nazism, fascism, racism on the radio.
Sans, Papyrus, Gaster
1) You CANNOT use your blink ability to teleport through walls or get to inaccessible areas, or to access players’ bases.
2) Do not grab someone for too long without their consent or if in a life/death scenario where it is needed.
Fighting should be reserved for situations where there is no other option or an event of some description.
1) Laws made must fall within rules.

By closing this derma menu you agree and accept all rules/policies provided above.
Therefore all punishment is justified! If you feel your ban/kick/warn wasn't justified please report it on our page.


1) Do not pick up players except for sending them into sits.
2) Do not noclip into players bases unless given express permission.
3) Staff Are not allowed to use the ‘STAFF’ job for roleplay purposes.
4) Administrators may not spawn weapons for players except when given permission to do so from either Driskie or Shane.
5) Staff may not use tool guns or psyguns on players props unless given express permission from the player.
6) Staff with the ability to do so may not use Godmode unless they are currently dealing with a sit.
7) Staff may not base while on Duty, this does not include becoming the staff job to take a sit if the staff member changes back into a roleplay job immediately after completion.
8) Staff may not place hits or perform any other ingame action while in the ‘STAFF’ job.
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